Pathable Information and FAQ

Even if you have not yet registered for TS 2022, you can view the agenda on the TS 2022 Pathable site. However, you won’t be able to do much more until you register for TS 2022. Once an hour, Pathable automatically imports the list of TS 2022 registrants and creates accounts for those email addresses with which no account is already associated.

While you are waiting for the synchronization, take the opportunity to (re-)watch this episode of SIGCSE Morning Coffee from TS 2021, where we talk about how to use Pathable.

Once you are a registered TS 2022 participant and you have allowed time for the synchronization, you should reset your Pathable password and log in to claim your account. Of course, make sure to use the same email that you used to register for the Symposium in Cvent!

Once you are logged in, you can start building your agenda and gain access to the asynchronous virtual content of the Symposium. Videos of all the paper presentations are available in Pathable right now! Many paper presenters are attending virtually this year, which means they will not have a designated presentation slot. Instead, their video is readily available and they will be available in Authors’ Corner to discuss and answer questions. Authors had five Authors’ Corner sessions to choose from, so if you want to discuss their work with them, make sure to check Pathable to determine which one they are attending. To view the videos, go to the desired session and look under the Files tab on the right side of the session page. Those presenting in person will spend their time presenting their paper and answering questions.

Before you attend the Technical Symposium in Pathable, make sure you have updated your local Zoom client or you won’t be able to navigate Authors’ Corner!

The SIGCSE TS 2022 mobile app will soon be live on the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store! Download the app to get push notifications about direct messages, meetings, and agenda items.

Question: Why aren’t workshops/BOFs in hybrid mode?

Answer: This was discussed extensively within the team. Several of the accepted workshop presenters indicated an interest in offering their workshop in a hybrid format and while we wish we could offer this, it is cost-prohibitive for supporting streaming and Pathable use. Without this support, there is no guarantee of adequately working technology and we considered that the risks outweighed the benefits for this year.

Question: I would like to meet with one of the authors, how can I connect with them?

Answer: If you are both in-person, then attend their session. If you are both virtual, then plan to attend the Authors’ Corner where this author will be participating. If you can’t attend either the session or the Authors’ Corner, or you are attending in different modalities, then please contact the author through Pathable!

Question: Why isn’t everything hybrid?

Answer: Great question! This is our first foray into offering the SIGCSE TS in a hybrid format. Our goal is to have a seamless SIGCSE TS, and this is our first huge step in that direction.