Getting Ready: SIGCSE TS Virtual Participation

All TS 2022 participants can take part in daily plenary sessions, panels, and special sessions. Those participating virtually will do so in Pathable. All TS 2022 participants can also take part in Authors’ Corner sessions through the Pathable app.

We ask for your patience and constructive feedback while we find ways to offer elements of the symposium to all who are interested. If you are like us, you will have questions. This page, and its links, are here to help you navigate this year’s offering!

Question: Where can I find the most current program schedule?

Answer: The program schedule page of this website is one of three sources of program schedule information, the others being:

  • The agenda on our Pathable site (be patient, it takes a few seconds to load).
  • The printed program booklet and addendum available to in-person attendees.

The number of late-breaking changes to the program schedule this year has been unprecedented as fluctuating pandemic conditions and travel restrictions had led authors to switch from virtual to in-person participation and vice-versa. As such, the program schedule page may not reflect the most recent changes. During the Symposium, participants should refer to either the printed program booklet with its addendum or the Pathable agenda. The latter will be the most up-to-date. The program schedule page will be updated once more after the Symposium to serve as the publicly-accessible historical record of the Symposium.

Question: I would like to meet with one of the authors, and at least one of us is participating virtually. How can I connect with them?

Answer: Search the Pathable agenda for the author’s name to find out if they are participating in one of the Authors’ Corner sessions. Add the session to your personal Pathable agenda. If the author is not participating in an Authors’ Corner session, you can still contact the author through Pathable!

Question: Why isn’t everything hybrid?

Answer: Great question! This is our first foray into offering the SIGCSE TS in a hybrid format. Our goal is to have a seamless SIGCSE TS, and this is our first huge step in that direction.

Question: OK, I can live with that. But why aren’t workshops and BOFs in hybrid mode?

Answer: This was discussed extensively within the team. Several of the accepted workshop presenters indicated an interest in offering their workshop in a hybrid format. While we wish we could offer this, it is cost-prohibitive for supporting streaming and Pathable use. Without this support, there is no guarantee of adequately working technology and we considered that the risks outweighed the benefits for this year.

Question: I would like to switch my registration from in-person to virtual or vice versa. What should I do?

Answer: You can do this yourself through Cvent, although we do not advise switching to in-person registration after Feb 26 due to the vaccination verification requirement)! If you have any problems, please contact or

Question: I am an in-person attendee and would like to attend some virtual events. Is this possible?

Answer: Yes! SIGCSE is a community, and all are welcome to attend virtual events. We ask that if you will be participating in an event where you will be uploading your video that you consider doing this outside of the RICC to ensure all SIGCSE TS attendees can access WiFi. There is one exception to this: workshops. We offer workshops in just one modality (either in-person or virtual). In order to support virtual attendees, only virtual registrants can register for virtual workshops.