Program Experience: SIGCSE TS 2022 Virtual Participation

Your primary way to engage with the conference will be through Pathable. See more information on the Pathable Information and FAQ page.

Finding Sessions for Virtual Participation

There are three kinds of sessions: virtual, hybrid, and in-person. Sessions that are virtual and hybrid are readily available for you to attend. On the program schedule page these events are marked as virtual or hybrid and all. Plenaries will also be hybrid. On Pathable you can find them by using the Session Type filter. If they are also “Live” that means they have a specific timeslot to attend.

Authors’ Corner

As a hybrid event, our goal is to support all attendees whether they are in person or virtual to get the most out of SIGCSE TS 2022. Therefore, our first attempt to enable discussion between paper authors and attendees is the Authors’ Corner.

The Authors’ Corner will be held in five sessions: Thursday and Friday at 12:15 PM and 9:00 PM North American Eastern Standard Time (EST) as well as Saturday at 12:45 PM EST. Paper authors attending virtually will be available during one of the Authors’ Corner sessions, while authors presenting in person may choose to come, or potentially one of the non-presenting authors of the paper will be present. To see when an author will be in Authors’ Corner, you can check the website, which has most of the names and Pathable will have all of the names and their titles.

Each instance of the Authors’ Corner will be accessible on Zoom through Pathable and will have multiple breakout rooms. Multiple authors will be in each breakout room, clustered by topic to the extent possible. Breakout rooms will be labeled with the authors’ names, and participants will be able to choose what room to go to and are free to switch rooms during the session. The main room’s host will screenshare the list of authors and the papers each is representing. The authors in each breakout room will decide how to run their breakout room, with a suggested format of a panel where questions can be submitted through the chat or by raising your hand.


Q. What if I can’t make the timeslot for the author(s) I want to talk to?

A: We are sorry that you can’t make that timeslot, we tried our best to have times that worked for as many people as possible. If you still want to communicate with that author, every paper has a chat on Pathable. You can ask your question there and we are encouraging authors to keep an eye on those chats as well.