For Authors

We have broken out submission guidelines by type. There are many ways to share the excellent work you are doing, and we would encourage you to consider all of them as you think about what would make the best vehicle for sharing your efforts with the larger community.

SIGCSE TS 2022 Tracks

Follow the links below for detailed information about submission guidelines to the submission type.

Participant Engagement

As a hybrid event, our goal is to support all attendees whether they are in person or virtual to get the most out of SIGCSE TS 2022. Therefore, our first attempt to enable discussion between paper authors and attendees is the Authors’ Corner.

To support our goal, we ask that you make a conscious effort to engage with all attendees regardless of your modality and whether the attendees are in-person or virtual. Therefore, we ask you to do the following:

  1. Each paper will have its own entry in Pathable’s agenda that includes a chatbox. Please keep an eye on your paper(s)’s chat boxes throughout the symposium in case any attendees ask you a question there.
  2. If you are attending virtually, you will be presenting your paper in the Authors’ Corner. If you are attending in person, we encourage you to sign up for an Authors’ Corner slot to engage with attendees that are virtual.

Authors’ Corner

Our goal is to support all attendees whether they are in person or virtual to get the most out of SIGCSE TS 2022. Therefore, we have established an Authors’ Corner event to enable discussion between paper authors and attendees.

The Authors’ Corner will be held in five sessions: Thursday and Friday at 12:15 PM and 9:00 PM EST as well as Saturday at 12:45 PM EST, authors should arrive 15 minutes earlier (so 12:00, 8:45, or 12:30 PM EST depending on your session). This is to span as many time zones as possible for those attending virtually. It will be held through the online platform Pathable.

If you are presenting your paper virtually, there is no pre-scheduled timeslot for your presentation. Thank you for submitting your pre-recorded video presentation which will be included in the Pathable platform. The new Authors’ Corner format is the specific context that will count as your presentation and enable synchronous Q/A and discussion with attendees. All virtually presented papers must be represented during at least one Authors’ Corner session.

If you are presenting in person, because in-person paper presentations will have no virtual interactions during their sessions, we encourage at least one of your authors (provided that they have registered for the symposium) to join an Authors’ Corner session at some point during the symposium so online attendees can ask questions and discuss your work synchronously.

Your paper’s representative in Authors’ Corner does not have to be the same person that presented the paper. It could be, for example, another author that could not come to SIGCSE TS 2022 in person, but does plan to attend virtually. If you are in-person, we recommend that you do not choose the Saturday lunchtime option for the Authors’ Corner since it is unlikely you will get your lunch from the closing ceremonies and make it to Authors’ Corner in time.

To choose a time, check your email for a link to sign up.

Authors’ Corner schedules including who is attending each will be published in Pathable when the platform goes live.

Before the Authors’ Corner

Watch the Authors’ Corner training video on how to use Zoom. We will post it here as soon as it is available.

Authors’ Corner structure

  1. On Pathable we will have a link to a Zoom session where participants can choose which breakout room to go to.
  2. Multiple authors will be in a single breakout room. To the extent possible, we will cluster authors by topic. This will ensure that no author is neglected by being left all by themselves. We also hope it will encourage discussion of the papers, much like a paper session having multiple papers on similar topics.
  3. Breakout rooms will be labeled with the names of the authors.
  4. As an author, please arrive 10-15 minutes before your session. That way we can have an audio and video check, you may meet your fellow breakout room authors, and discuss how you would like to run your Authors’ Corner. This time will also enable us to answer any lingering questions.
  5. Authors in each breakout room can decide together how they want to run their session. A suggested format is to run it like an authors’ panel: (a) Provide a brief pitch of your paper and potentially compare and contrast it to the other papers represented in the breakout room. You cannot assume participants have watched all the paper videos represented in the breakout room. (b) Encourage questions from participants through the Zoom chat or by raising their hands.


Q: I have more than one paper. Should I attend the Authors’ Corner multiple times?

A: You are welcome to, but not required. The minimum requirement is that for each paper presented virtually, at least one author participates at least once in the Authors’ Corner. Therefore, the attendance of a single person who has authored multiple papers will satisfy the requirement for all of that author’s papers. Of course, you are welcome to participate beyond this minimum level.

Q: One of my co-authors is presenting our paper in person, can I represent the paper in the Authors’ Corner along with my other papers?

A: Yes! That would be wonderful.

Q: Can multiple authors of the same paper attend the Authors’ Corner?

A: Yes! It would be great for co-authors to participate with the representative author in the session! But only one author should sign up, all other co-authors just need to show up for the session.