Nifty Assignments Review Guidelines

Review Timeline

Reviewing Phase Start Date End Date
Reviewing Saturday, October 9, 2021 Wednesday, October 27, 2021
Discussion & Recommendations Thursday, October 28, 2021 Monday, November 1, 2021


The Nifty Assignments project gathers great CS assignments to make their ideas and materials freely available for the CSE community.

Thanks for thinking about reviewing for Nifty. To review for Nifty Assignments, you need to read and evaluate 5 submissions. Each submission is an assignment along with all its materials.

Single-Anonymous Review Process

Initial submissions to the Nifty Assignments track are reviewed with the single-anonymous review process, where the submissions are not anonymized but reviewers are anonymous to each other and to the authors. During the discussion of a submission in EasyChair, reviewers can refer to each other by their reviewer number on that submission’s review.

Review Guidelines

Nifty Assignments does not use bidding or anything especially complicated about matching Reviewers with submissions. If you have a conflict of interest with an assignment, just write that as your evaluation and don’t score it.

As a Reviewer, we ask that you carefully read each submission assigned to you and write a constructive review that concisely summarizes the assignment and its fit as a Nifty Assignment. When reviewing a submission, consider:

  • Is this a great assignment?
  • Does it teach topics of interest to many?
  • Are the materials high quality and adoptable by others?
  • Is it different from assignments that have already been published by Nifty Assignments?

Here are some tips and good practices for reviewing gathered from the SIGCSE community during SIGCSE TS 2021.


The discussion and recommendation period provides the opportunity for the Track Chairs to discuss reviews and feedback so they can provide the best recommendation for acceptance or rejection to the Program Chairs and that the submission is given full consideration in the review process. We ask that Reviewers engage in discussion when prompted by other reviewers, the Track Chairs by using the Comments feature of EasyChair. During this period you will be able to revise your review based on the discussion, but you are not required to do so.

The Track Chairs will make a final recommendation to the Program Chairs from your feedback.

Recalcitrant Reviewers

Reviewers who don’t submit reviews, have reviews with limited constructive feedback, or who submit inappropriate reviews will be removed from the reviewer list (as per SIGCSE policy). Recalcitrant reviewers will be informed of their removal from the reviewer list. Reviewers with repeated offenses (two within a three year period) will be removed from SIGCSE reviewing for three years.